5-Year Strategic Plan Development and Life Cycle Planning


5-Year Strategic Plan Development
and Life Cycle Planning


Strategic Overview

Vault Bioventures was hired to build a 5-year, U.S. strategic and life cycle plan for a top 20 global pharmaceutical company’s newly launched prescription product, which entered a highly competitive and minimally differentiated product category – in a top five therapy class.

Our client had previously managed strategic and life cycle planning via their internal global team. Under-performing U.S. launch results warranted a new strategic approach focused upon product differentiation and patient focus. The Vault Bioventures team conducted an assessment of the clinical development program and created a new life cycle planning process for a regional affiliate.

Based on a significant gap in available and impactful clinical data, our team recommended several Phase IV and pre-clinical studies to support product differentiation. Subsequent market research evaluated the updated target product profile and demonstrated increased intent to use, among key customer segments. As a result of positive customer feedback and the impact on future business, our recommendations were activated in the new life cycle plan.

Due to the effectiveness of our 5-year U.S. strategic and life cycle plan, Vault Bioventures was retained to lead global strategy and life cycle planning for the same product. Vault Bioventures conducted a clinical and commercial evaluation of the global opportunity and identified significant opportunities for value creation via further enhancement of the product profile to demonstrate clinical differentiation and appropriate patient segments.


Based on an updated target product profile, including our clinical and commercial recommendations, market research findings resulted in a 3x increase in physician preference for our client.

Following the Vault Bioventures life cycle recommendations for this product, our client requested and secured an additional $20M in funds to support clinical programs and product differentiation.

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