3D Printing Provides a Potential Cure for Diabetes
June 22, 2021 Diabetes / Biotech / 4IR – 3D Printing Readily3D, a spin-off of EPFL, developed a new method to print biological tissues using a biological gel that contains the patient’s stem cells. From now on, diabetes could soon be treated by creating a bio-printed pancreas to exactly match the patient’s deficient one. Watch On Youtube >>
Add More Crab to Your Diet and Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes…But the Effects Can be More Far Reaching
June 19, 2021 Diabetes / Diet & Nutrition Good for diabetics Along with all other shellfish, crabs are rich in chromium, which helps insulin to metabolize sugar, and thereby lowers the blood glucose levels in the body. All shellfish, including crab, have generous amounts of selenium. Selenium is an anti-oxidant and cancels out the carcinogenic effects of cadmium, mercury, and arsenic, which can cause tumors in humans. Watch On Youtube >>
The Biggest Misconception About Obesity
June 17, 2021 Obesity / Global Epidemics Labelled an epidemic by the World Health Organization, the obesity crisis disproportionately affects people from lower-income and BAME backgrounds. An initiative by the Consumer Goods Forum – the Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition – looks to address the global issue of obesity by encouraging healthier behaviours and engaging a range of stakeholders from consumers, to retailers, governments and NGOs. Watch On Youtube >>
FDA approves Wegovy, obesity drug that helped people cut weight 15%
June 4, 2021 Pharmaceuticals / Obesity The Food and Drug Administration approved Wegovy, a higher-dose version of Novo Nordisk’s diabetes drug semaglutide, for long-term weight management. Read More >>
Obesity in Teens Raises Adult Diabetes Risk, Even After Weight Loss
June 21, 2021 Consumer Health / Obesity In a finding that confirms what many suspect, a new study shows that teens who are overweight or obese may be more likely to develop type 2 diabetes or have a heart attack in their 30s and 40s. These teens are also more likely to have other health issues down the road, regardless of whether they shed any excess weight during adulthood. Read More >>
Digital Innovation Team at Novo Nordisk Inspires Microsoft Power Platform Adoption
June 20, 2021 Digital Innovation / 4IR – Clinical Development Real World Stories sessions at Microsoft Business Applications Summit in May 2021. In this session, Søren Klim (Director of Digital Innovation) and Kaja Andersen (Power Apps Developer) share their story of how the Clinical Development Digital Innovation team at Novo Nordisk is spearheading the adoption of the Power Platform, and inspiring other areas of the business to follow in their steps. Watch On Youtube >>
Digital Therapy Maker Pear Therapeutics Shakes the Money Tree, With Plans To Go Public in $1.6B SPAC Deal
June 22, 2021 4IR – Digital Innovation / Digital Therapies The digital treatment developer Pear Therapeutics is taking the SPAC track, going public through a deal expected to provide about $400 million in new funding as the company looks to expand its prescription apps to a wider range of conditions. Read More >>
How Venture Capitalists Can Power The Fourth Industrial Revolution
June 21, 2021 Private Equity & Venture Capital / 4IR – Investment & Finance We’re witnessing a dramatic period of technological change that will permanently alter how we interact with one another and the world around us. With the rapid proliferation of companies that focus on technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, blockchain and biotechnology — what’s often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) — many venture capital (VC) investors are trying to figure out which of these companies are innovative and sustainable enough to warrant an investment. Read More >>
Rising Prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases Propelling Acute Care Market Growth: Fact MR Study
June 22, 2021 Cardiovascular / Acute Care Market Growth Fact MR: The global acute care market is expected to grow at high CAGR in the assessment period, from 2021 to 2031 due to rising demand for treatment of cardio vascular diseases. As per Fact.MR, the acute care market revenues will nearly double in forecast period of 2021-2031. Read More >>
Study Provides Overview of ESKD, Cardiovascular Risk in Adults with Nephrotic Syndrome
June 20, 2021 Endocrinology / Nephrology A new analysis from Kaiser Permanente Northern California is providing clinicians with an overview of the heart and kidney outcomes associated with nephrotic syndrome in adults. The study, which compared data from nearly 1000 patients with nephrotic syndrome to more than 80,000 without kidney disease, details the increased risks of adverse kidney and cardiovascular outcomes as well as giving further insight into different types of nephrotic syndrome and their associations with these events. Read More >>