The FDA isn’t tech’s biggest hurdle to the healthcare system
October 24, 2018 Technology
The impact of health tech is even shifting health insurer mindsets, from actuaries to patient advocates, as they seek to have consumers share greater responsibility for their care, incentivizing them with reduced costs. (MM&M)
Researchers warn of impact of no-deal Brexit on UK science
October 23, 2018 Biomedical & Research
UK biomedical research lab Francis Crick Institute has warned that a hard or ‘no-deal’ Brexit could negatively impact the science and research across the country. (Pharmaceutical Technology)
California’s New Data Privacy Law Could Begin a Regulatory Disaster
October 23, 2018 Legal & Regulatory
In June, California became the first U.S. state to pass its own data privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act. When it goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, the act will provide the state’s 40 million residents with rights similar to those granted to European citizens through the GDPR. (Fortune)
Exploring Maharashtra’s busy CMO sector
October 22, 2018 Global Healthcare Data
Between 2010 and 2015, the Indian generics market grew by 22%, with pharma industry growth being 18% during the same period. China is a major API manufacturer for drug manufacturers around the world, and it heavily supplies the Indian generic sector as well. Recent regulatory changes and industry consolidation inside China will significantly affect global pharma supply. (Pharmaceutical Technology)
A New Targeted Cancer Company To Watch
October 19, 2018 Biotech
If you’re paying attention to biotech firms developing targeted cancer drugs—and you should, it’s one of the most medically important, scientifically interesting and lucrative areas in the sector—Cui’s company, TP Therapeutics, is one you should be watching, along with existing stories like Loxo Oncology, Agios Pharmaceuticals, and BluePrint Medicines. (Forbes)
What Pharma Giant Johnson & Johnson’s CEO Has to Say About the Drug Price Debate
October 18, 2018 Legal & Regulatory
The Fortune Global Forum, our annual gathering of world business and government leaders, concludes tomorrow in Toronto. But there’s already been plenty of meaty conversations about the issues influencing the entire spectrum of industries—including health care. And the CEO of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world had some thoughts to share on the hot-button issue of drug pricing. (Fortune)
Parker Institute backs an upstart biotech looking to develop a new, convertible CAR-T
October 18, 2018 Biotech / Finance
The billionaire-backed Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is investing and partnering with a biotech their researchers believe has the potential to develop a new-model CAR-T that can be better guided down narrow pathways and equipped with a convenient on/off switch to help avoid any fatal accidents. (Endpoints News)
Improving cancer immunotherapy by controlling RNA expression
October 18, 2018 Clinical Development
Gene therapy has become one of the hottest areas of biotech research. Some gene therapies, like Spark Therapeutics’ eye drug Luxturna, deliver healthy genes to replace mutated ones, while others, such as Alnylam Pharmaceuticals’ RNA interference therapy Onpattro, work by silencing disease-causing genes. But controlling the strength and timing of gene expression with these therapies has proven challenging, especially when RNA is the central mechanism at work. (Fierce Biotech)
FCB Health launches next-generation big data agency
October 17, 2018 Marketing
FCB Health wants to humanize data. While it’s been pushing that way for years, the network is formalizing that vision into a distinct agency called Solve(d). The new agency brings together FCB Health Network capabilities and talent from data analytics, data science, customer relationship management and media. (Fierce Pharma)
Merck grabs Nike IT chief to beef up in digital
October 17, 2018 Technology
Merck & Co. is joining the chief digital officer parade. The pharma giant has poached Jim Scholefield from Nike to head up its global IT and digital strategy, becoming the latest Big Pharma to put digital on its priority list. (Fierce Pharma)