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Impact Overview

Launching & Sustaining Better Brands


Top 20 Pharma

Global Brand (Re) Positioning, and Creative

Vault was hired to evaluate how to best leverage a new indication for an existing brand. Over multiple years on a global basis, Vault supported the client from strategy through execution in major markets. After an existing global agency’s creative and messaging failed to test well, Vault and another Agency were tasked with developing new messaging and creative. The strategy deployed with the indication resulted in the brand catapulting to #1 category leader in a large chronic disease state.


Mid-Size Pharma

Digital Transformation, Brand Integration, Creative, and AOR Transition

Vault was initially engaged to help develop the client’s brand plan. During our due diligence, we uncovered significant gaps in their back and front office digital infrastructure. Vault completed a comprehensive assessment of our client’s digital assets, resulting in an operational transformation, new information architecture, elimination of redundant systems, legacy licenses and shadow IT costs, new monitoring, analytics and reporting tools, and a better technical foundation for patient and physician-focused execution. Vault’s findings and recommendations cut $1.25M in waste in the first month alone.

Over the transformative process, our client required technical, creative, and advertising assistance while transitioning agencies of record. Vault refreshed and managed all brand assets, designed, built, and deployed in-market digital solutions to drive revenue 15% above forecast. We installed a new internal team in at the client to continue executing our digital transformation strategy that included: a new CRM, BI and automation tools, licensing discounts, AWS architecture for faster site and application launches/updated, enhanced security, integration with industry standard tools for a more seamless and efficient Institutional and promotional review process, and designed and developed a new website for one of their brands.


Top 20 Pharma

US Product Launch & Global Brand Strategy

Vault was tasked with supporting a brand launch critical to solving a looming patent cliff on another of the client’s assets. Our client was facing multiple challenges surrounding a Phase 3 asset launch, including late entry into a highly competitive market in a stagnant class and being 3 months behind schedule. The company had multiple external agencies and consultancies, but lacked a clear plan for moving forward. Vault was hired to bridge this gap and construct an optimal integrated global brand strategy and launch plan. Subsequently Vault was engaged to support the brand globally as the lead strategic agency.

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