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Augmenting Your Clinical Expertise to Maximize Product Value

From molecule to product, we assist you by connecting your innovation to unrealized opportunities, providing you science-based strategy through a business lens with unique strategic guidance for successful execution across all phases of your product development.

Product Realization and Optimization

We create dynamic target product profiles for your asset and its competitors by analyzing available in-house data and assessing competitor developmental programs and product attributes. The resulting integrated product development plan focuses on streamlined safety/efficacy data gathering, executional efficiency, and achieving timely global approval with the best possible label and favorable pricing/reimbursement.

Product Roadmaps

Our team guides you through stakeholder ecosystems by analyzing complex infrastructures, evaluating organizational patterns, identifying realized and unrealized market needs, quantifying the opportunities through market research, validation through qualitative data, & providing detailed, unrealized roadmaps.

Asset Management

Vault develops the most viable and medically relevant assets by concentrating on where the asset fits in your portfolio prioritization and disease area focus. We create your target product profiles and developmental plans that underscore differentiation potential, provide sufficient safety and efficacy data, and permit effective asset evaluation for “out-licensing” opportunities and support business development in-licensing activities by performing customized assessments of potential acquisition targets.

Lifecycle Management

Our lifecycle management strategy discovers novel ways to demonstrate product clinical benefits, providing differentiation versus existing or future therapies. Vault’s unparalleled experience allows us to identify areas for new product enhancement not previously realized. By performing in-depth data review and data mining efforts we can uncover additional asset optimization strategies. By working closely with you, Vault supports launch-related clinical, publication and KOL activities, and promotes competitive Phase 4 clinical trial strategies.

Clinical Operations Strategy

Vault’s specialists are skilled in regulatory requisites for trial design and implementation. We collaborate with the world’s most prominent KOLs across diverse therapeutic domains to deliver all-encompassing assistance in every facet of clinical investigation. Our extensive offerings encompass clinical development strategies, budgetary planning, scheduling, protocol creation, supplementary documentation, analytics, Investigator's Brochure (IB) drafting, Informed Consent papers, CRO identification and oversight, medical supervision, and clinical administration.

Clinical Trial Recruitment

We provide efficient, patient-centered solutions for your clinical research needs - specializing in identifying, engaging, and enrolling eligible participants for a wide range of clinical trials, ensuring rapid study progression, and timely results. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and targeted outreach strategies, we excel at connecting potential trial participants with innovative therapies. Partnering with Vault allows you to maximize your clinical trial's success, streamline the recruitment process, and enhance patient retention rates.

Identify, Develop, Design & Build Highly Differentiated Products

We help you discover new product/portfolio opportunities by providing science-based, innovative solutions for unique strategic and executional challenges.