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Science to Business.

Collaborating to Forge
a Transformative & Accelerated Business

From the C-Suite to Wall Street, we partner with you to create, capture, optimize, and communicate the true value of your products, brands, and businesses.

Pharma, biotech, medical device, and digital business services

Value Creation

We are life science industry executives with proven global success. Vault helps you with strategic validation, actualizing revenue critical for financial success, and telling the value story of your inventions and innovations.

Synergy life science board executive committee business optimization portfolio
/sɪn ərˌdʒɪz əm/


The interaction or cooperation between two or more agents, substances, or organisms that results in a greater combined effect than the sum of their individual effects.

Board & Executive Committee Consulting

Guiding boards and execs towards strategic success

Business Model Optimization

Transforming business to optimize profitability and efficiency

Investment & Financial Analysis

Maximized ROI potential through insights-driven informed decisions

Portfolio Strategy

Achieving peak growth potential through tactical diversification

Non-Traditional Business Impact Through Traditional Business Outputs

Vault uniquely communicates the impact of your value for all stakeholders – brand leaders through the C-Suite and board, physicians to patients, and investors to analysts.

Accelerating Growth & Capturing True Value

We collaborate with your executive team to develop your business’s competitive edge through trend and growth opportunity analysis, therapeutic area diversification, global portfolio and brand development, as well as refining operational and global growth initiatives.

Bold Ideas. Novel Approach. Playbooks that Win.

Together, we can maximize your value by identifying executable strategic solutions, encouraging synergies amongst all stakeholders, eliminating conflicts, and optimizing investment and financial returns to strengthen your business.