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Vault Bioventures’ Culture

We believe unlocking innovation is the key to improving health.

We should always strive to assist in developing a better answer for better health care. Vault’s team members are the people that think “What if?” and “Why not?” We love those people. To do differently requires people who think differently. Symbiosis is core to our approach – Innovation through superior collaboration. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of possible in the best interests of our clients and healthcare stakeholders.

For Vault, the “Status quo” is the “Status No.”

1. Always Act with Integrity

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

 -C.S. Lewis

2. Pursue Excellence in Everything We Do

Have a commitment to innovation, professionalism and always taking pride in our workmanship.

3. Advocate for the Patient.

It is our job to advocate for our clients. But by advocating for the patient, we are advocating for our clients. This involves not only providing the support and guidance that our clients need, but also working tirelessly to ensure that their needs and desires are heard and acted upon through the lens of the patient.

4. Be Curious; Be Smart; Be Continually Learning.

Take initiative and have passion in everything we do. Honor our supportive, yet challenging environment where all ideas are welcome, and where we try new things.

5. Embrace Team Spirit.

Pride, a strong sense of camaraderie, and a shared purpose is vital for a successful team. It helps motivate and strengthen bonds between team members, and helps us overcome any challenges or obstacles we may face together.

6. Work Smart.

Listen and learn effectively. Deliver profound impact for our clients. Balance what we believe is best for our clients and their stakeholders with what they think is necessary for success. Earn trust by always putting our clients’ needs first.

7. Enjoy the Journey.

Have fun. Be supportive. Take care of and invest in one another.

8. Live a Healthy Life.

We are a health care company. Vault encourages our staff to be committed to health and wellness, physically and emotionally.

9. Have Self Compassion, Nurture Family and Personal Life

We want our team to take care of themselves, explore their passions, spend quality time with family and friends, realizing that these are the true foundations of the individual, and thereby, our team.

10. What if? Why Not?

The company has a “Vault Way.” It is personified by two simple questions: “What if?” and “Why not?” The concept of “What if?” and “Why not?” is all about understanding and exploring different ideas. Whether trying to figure out “why” the “what” works a certain way or pondering why a seemingly random event occurred, asking “What if?” and “Why not?” makes it possible to explore new concepts and understand them on a deeper level, identify underlying causes and patterns, and allows us to look for answers beyond our initial assumptions. Simply put, be willing and open to new possibilities and challenge your assumptions about how things work.

Vault Was Designed With Your Needs In Mind

We are built on a foundation of industry executives who work with you to create, innovate, and communicate the big ideas that capture value and accelerate growth.