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Impact Overview

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Top 20 Pharma

Investor Relations Story

Initial analyst’s coverage of our client’s asset was positive (~5 years ago) because of the perception of a whitespace opportunity when they initiated Phase 3. When other classes of medicines demonstrated significant outcomes, it was no longer whitespace. Given that the other classes of medicines are already utilized in related conditions, and they have more robust outcomes, the analysts’ conclusions were that the other classes of medicines have the clear advantage.

Although management still believed in the asset’s value, analysts did not. Vault was hired to develop a marketplace pivot in strategy for the asset that could be pulled through to investor communications. Vault reviewed analyst coverage and interviewed several key analysts to determine how to align their value perception with the value that management saw in the asset. In just six weeks, Vault developed a revised go-to-market strategy and analyst story that was communicated via an analyst webinar. The impact was immediate and significant, as several large banks doubled estimates (+$900M) within a week of the webinar.


Mid-Size Specialty/ Orphan Pharma

Business Model Strategy and Long-range Business Unit Plan Development

A growing pharma company specializing in orphan drugs publicly announced expected annual revenue growth from $1.2B to $2.5B over course of 8 years. The company had no clear plan to achieve such growth. Vault Bioventures was engaged to evaluate the existing business model, product portfolio, and implemented strategy in order to extract additional value and realize target revenue growth.

Our client, with both a specialty and orphan business, had grown through acquisitions and had no organic growth strategy, nor plan in place. Vault identified a strategy to catapult the orphan business by uncovering an additional 40% of the target orphan populations not realized by the company and thus unreached by the existing customer acquisition strategies. The net result was a 2x increase in market cap in 3 years and the company divesting the speciality business.


Top 5 Pharma

Buy-Side Due Diligence

The company CEO wanted to pursue an acquisition but did not trust internal team to provide a realistic commercial outlook. Vault was hired to conduct commercial diligence, identify key risks and upside opportunity, recommend a strategy to compress the downside, shift perceived value from the seller to the buyer, and partner with the internal BD functional lead to develop negotiation and deal-terms highly favorable to our client.
The product was licensed, launched, and performed to the downside case per the identified risk. Because of the risk mitigation and deal-structure, the losses were negligible. Deal won “BD deal of the year” for the favorable terms on behalf of the buyer.

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